Friday, March 22, 2013

New Clothes

I'm starting to feel like I look good. I'm more confident. I've got more spring in my step. I'm excited to go out. I also am in need of a new wardrobe due to losing a packet of weight. I like new clothes.... always have. It's kind of a guilty pleasure. Though I love also the worn-in t-shirts of ten years plus, and the tracksuit pants for slacking around on a winter morning that are so old there's not an ounce of elastic left in them.... Mmmmm. New clothes are just brilliant for feeling spiffy.
13.03.22 - Trans Timeline

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Leslie said...

Hey Vic~
Prudence here. I've been gone a long time and just stopped by to say hey and good for you! You look great and sending postive energy your way. I am proud of you for your guts on your process. I'll check back in on ya when I can. I am also on a journey to find me! It's fun, scary, exhilerating and sometimes numbbing..but I like it!